About Hearing Aid 2008

Never underestimate a group of individuals dedicated to a cause– in this case, we’re making changes so that those who use hearing aids can get coverage from insurance companies.  Many people are often surprised to discover that the majority of insurance companies do not pay for hearing aids.  

So come and join us in the push to make Illinois the leading state in providing hearing aid coverage to individuals of all ages.  

About us:

Dennis O’Brien

Dennis is the past president of West Suburban Association of the Deaf.  He is married to Laura O’Brien and they have a son.  Both Dennis and Laura work for the county of Dupage and are life long hearing aid users.


Julie Chavez

Julie currently works as a Deaf Services Coordinator at the Dupage Center for Independent Living.  She is married to Jim Chavez and they have two sons.  Both Julie and Jim wear hearing aids.


Jennifer Egetimeier

Jennifer and her husband, Scott are the parents of two children who wear hearing aids.  Jennifer and her family and friends were the force behind the HEARD campaign.  HEARD was instrumental in gaining support for HB 5600, a bill that would have provided hearing aid coverage for children in Illinois. She is now serving on the committee of Hearing Aid Action which seeks insurance coverage of hearing aids for people of all ages.


Julie Vassilatos

 Julie is the mom of a young daughter who wears hearing aids.  Julie’s story was published in the Chicago Tribune (Perspectives; November 25, 2007) where she chronicled her daughter’s journey with her new “hearing maids”.


Karen Putz

Karen is a deaf mom to three deaf and hard of hearing children.  Her husband, Joe is also deaf.  Karen’s daily challenges include managing ten hearing aids in a house with a dog who loves to chew them.


Ann Flannery

Ann is a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students in Joliet.  Ann is involved with the Hearing Loss Association.   A life-long hearing aid wearer, she has added a cochlear implant to her collection of hearing devices.  

Contact us:

Hearing Aid Action
PO Box 4161
Wheaton Illinois 60189


4 responses to “About Hearing Aid 2008

  1. Went to the Town Hall Meeting and heard some great speakers!!!! I was encouraged myself and hope ALL others were encouraged also to support this change in the lack of insurance coverage.

    Together we can make this happen!!!

  2. marilyn Harbison

    I have been wearing a hearing aid since I was nine years old. I am addicted to my hearing aid as well as I am addicted to my eye glasses.
    Hearing aid is a neccessity especially among us Hard of Hearing folks.
    I believe the insurance should pay for hearing aids. They are willing to pay for Cochler implants why not pay for the hearing aids. I mean hearing aids cost are much much cheaper .
    I strongly vote for getting health insurance to pay for our hearing aids.

  3. Hello:
    I don’t know whether this is the appropriate place, but I wanted to let you know that we have very affordable hearing aids that can be ordered online at http://www.hearingaidscentral.com. We are in Lake Forest, IL, a few miles west of you, and I would be glad to meet with anyone in your organization to discuss how we could help you with hearing aids.
    Phil Wyatt CEO

  4. Thomas Benziger

    This is very important bill to assist families and friends who have hearing loss and having insurance coverage for using their hearing aids will enable them to appreciate sounds, carrying on conversation, not having to give up using their hearing aid if they could not afford the repair, new hearing aid mold, tubing, adjusting, batteries. etc.

    Please support this bill.


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