Keep on Calling for S.B. 2516, Update on Hearing Date

I am aware that many of you are watching the website for latest updates on the bill and scheduling of hearings.

SB2516 is shown to have a hearing on Thursday, March 4th- The hearing will NOT be taking place.

Please know that the SB2516 is still being negotiated at this point in time and it is still actively being worked on… We are doing GREAT!

Postings scheduled hearings are shown on the website- however, the Chief Sponsor (legislator) of the Bill does NOT have to call it- they can reschedule as needed. When the Chief Senator of SB2516 does confirm a hearing- he will notify me and I will share the information with all of you.

I am in contact with our lead Senator daily to receive latest updates on the bill.

So if you see a hearing posted for SB2516, please confirm with me before announcing it to anyone to avoid confusion.

To confirm with me you can email me at or you can call me at 630-324-0281 or leave a message with our secretary at 708-209-1500.

Please know that as soon as I receive updates on SB2516, I will share it all with you!

In the mean time, keep calling your Senators daily!! Stay tuned for more information!!

Call the following Senators DAILY!!
Senator William R. Haine…….217-782-5247
Senator Bill Brady…………….217-782-6216 (hint: he’s running for Governor)
Senator J. Bradley Burzynski: 217-782-1977
Senator Dan Duffy……………217-782-8010
Senator Dale E. Risinger……..217-782-1942
Senator Dave Syverson……..217-782-5413


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