SB 68 Update–Keep Pushing for It!

Calling Senators on the road

Calling Senators on the road

SB 68 is still very much alive.  We have an extension until May 31st, this means we need to really ramp up the calls, emails, letters and faxes to the Illinois Senators.

Take a look at the current sponsors:

Senate Sponsors
Sen. Ira I. SilversteinJacqueline Y. CollinsMartin A. Sandoval, Dan Cronin, A. J. Wilhelmi, Don Harmon, M. Maggie Crotty, Deanna Demuzio and Mattie Hunter

These are the Senators who believe that the time is now to provide insurance coverage to Illinois residents of all ages.   Just recently, Arkansas became the very first state to pass a bill requiring insurance coverage for hearing aids for Arkansas residents of all age.   Other states are beginning to draft bills to pass similar coverage.  We are gathering momentum, but we need a huge push from each and every one of you reading this.

Call each of the Senators above and thank them for sponsoring this bill.  Then call YOUR local Senator and tell them to please co-sponsor this bill and support it. 

Here is a list of all the Illinois Senators and their contact information:  Illinois Senators

Here’s how to find out who is your Illinois Senator: Find Senators by Address

The deadline is May 31st to get this bill to the floor and voted on. Call, write, email, fax, visit YOUR Senator and the following Senators (thank the co-sponsors!):

Here’s the contact information for the Senators:

Senator Ira Silverstein (Bill sponsor)     217-782-5500

Senator Jacqueline Collins (Bill co-sponsor) : 217-782-1607

Senator Dan Cronin (Bill co-sponsor): 630-792-0040

Senator Martin Sandoval (Bill co-sponsor): (708) 656-2002

Senator A. J. Wilhemi (Bill co-sponsor): (217) 782-8800

Senator Don Harmon (Bill co-sponsor): (217) 782-8176

Senator M. Maggie Crotty (Bill co-sponsor): (708) 687-9696

Senator Deanna Demuzio (Bill co-sponsor)

Senator Mattie Hunter (Bill co-sponsor)


Senator William Haine (heads the subcommittee):    217-782-5247

Senator Duffy:  217-782-8010
Senator Forby:     217-782-5509
Senator Hendon:      217-782-6252
Senator Burzynski:     217-782-1977
Senator Munoz:      217-782-9415
Senator Syverson:      217-782-5413
Senator Hayes:   

The time is now to get this bill passed.  Let’s make it happen.

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