Take the Hearing Aid Action Survey

Lawmakers love to see the cold hard facts outlined.  What are families going through when their child is diagnosed with a hearing loss?  How do families afford hearing aids when their insurance company doesn’t cover them?  How often do families purchase hearing aids?  Do some people choose to obtain a cochlear implant over hearing aids because they have insurance coverage for cochlear implants?

Take the Hearing Aid Action Survey and provide us some valuable input as we work to obtain insurance coverage for hearing aids in the state of Illinois.  The survey is a short one and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Hearing Aid Action Survey

One response to “Take the Hearing Aid Action Survey

  1. I wear a regular and programmable hearing aids. I paid for them. I live in WA state. I am licensed massage therapist for 3 years. I wish I have the better hearing aids. But, I cannot afford the most expensive hearing aids that I have taken care of it. I never had any insurance for the coverages. Its not fair that I have to pay. Hearing people hear for free but deaf pay to hear each 3 years warranty for the hearing aid and buy another one out of our pockets.. Its not right. Thank you for reading this.

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