Mike Demer’s Story

This is Mike Demers from Mundeliein, Illinois.  I grew up in Massachusetts where I received free hearing aids when I was young.  I moved to Illinois in 1995.  I had to pay for new hearing aids in 1998 because it is not covered by insurance.  It is now 2008 and my hearing aids are very old.  I cannot afford to pay for new ones because my budget is very tight and gas and food are expensive.  I am fighting for Blue Cross insurance to pay for new hearing aids.  It is not fair  that cochlear implants are covered by insurance companies but hearing aids are not.  Please change it so that hearing aids are covered by insurance.    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story.

3 responses to “Mike Demer’s Story

  1. You go! Makes no sense to me that they aren’t covered. I have two boys with CIs but I truly believe that being able to use all of one’s hearing and vision possible is part of good health care. I agree and would love to help you change this. I also am amazed that my 2 year old’s glasses AND his refraction for the prescription are not covered even though he can not see well at all without them… and let me tell you, it’s not easy to find toddler glasses (and they are expensive)! Had my boys had more residual hearing, we would be in the same boat with you.

  2. It is not worth it, I’m telling you. Just get borgized. Hearing Aids are a waste of time and money. The implant simply rocks! I love it! No regrets going BI at all. The world is your oyster, that’s how it felt to me. It is so much easier going along with how insurance companies and hospitals want. They profit from me, I profit hearing from them. Fair trade! I don’t mind the scar (yeah, they botched on me), but my long hair covers that. So what! Go get borgized!

    Come on, join us and be robots!


  3. hearingaidaction

    I’m happy that the implant has worked out for you.
    Our goal here is to provide insurance coverage for those who use hearing aids.

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