Julie Chavez’s Story

Julie standing by fireplace

Hello!  My name is JulieAnn Chavez and I am married to my husband of 22 years, Jim Chavez.  Jim and I are hard of hearing so between the two of us; we have four hearing aids.  During our 22 years of marriage, we purchased one pair of hearing aids for each of us and that was it because it was too expensive to buy all four.  I recall letting my husband to be the first to get his hearing aids because he needed it for his job and at that time, I was a stay-at-home mom with a small part-time home-based business, so I got by with one aid although it was frustrating at times. 

In 2001, both of our aids were in terrible shape and this time, I was working and my husband was unemployed.  We were able to get our hearing aids with the assistance of Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). 


Here we are in 2008, both Jim and I are with out one aid each.  The aids we are wearing are not so good anymore.  We are discussing our options on how to finance the hearing aids since we both require hearing aids to function 100% for our jobs!!  We are looking into assistance as well but that’s looking a bit gloomy.  We are looking into repairing them and the cost to repair our aids is quite expensive!!  The earmolds- give me a break–  85 bucks just for one!  Oh don’t get me started on the costs of repairs and the cost of new ones… Ohhh and hearing aid batteries!  Eight – to – ten  bucks just for one pack and they don’t last long!

It just angers me that insurance companies consider hearing aids as COSMETIC devices!!  Preposterous!!  I checked with our insurance company to see if it covers Cochlear Implants and guess what- it does– but they won’t pay for hearing aids?  I feel like I am being denied a choice here.  Now, I’m not against Cochlear Implants but it’s my choice that I don’t want the implants and neither does my husband.  See where I’m going with this? We should be allowed choices!

So, HAVE YOU HEARD?  THE TIME IS NOW to get the State of Illinois to mandate insurance companies to provide coverage for hearing aids and with NO age restrictions! 

I encourage everyone to join us in making a UNITED EFFORT to get a bill to pass for MANDATED INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR HEARING AIDS! 

I’m tired of being turned down by insurance companies for coverage on hearing aids, aren’t you?

How can you help??  Sign up for our listserv at hearingaids2008@gmail.com and spread the word to everyone that you know that wear hearing aids. 

Share your story with us!  Stay tuned by checking our website often!!


Have you heard?  The time is now!!


One response to “Julie Chavez’s Story

  1. I’ll sign up for your listserve if you sign up for mine. hahaha! You’ll meet lots of people who will support your cause at the Say What Club. saywhatclub.com

    And yeah– I absolutely agree hearing aids should be covered by insurance. I’ve spent thousands over the years. I’ve spent so much I could’ve put a kid through college or bought a new car!!! And gimme a break– they’re nothing but plastic and wire. A new lap top costs less than half the price of a hearing aid. Sheesh! Don’t get me started.

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