Kelly’s Hearing Aid Story

Kelly and her Grandmother
My name is Kelly and I am 29 years old. Last year I found out that I needed hearing aids for
both ears. They are not sure why I lost my hearing. They said it could just be hereditary or it may have something to do with an ear infection I had before that.
When I found out that my insurance would cover NOTHING, I couldn’t believe it. I had to come up with the money. I decided not to get the hearing aids I really wanted because they were too expensive and I didn’t have the money. So I just got a cheaper pair that were
still really expensive. I think that insurance should cover this for everyone.
My grandma Ernestine is also hard of hearing and has needed hearing aids for many years now. However, she has not been able to afford them. She is in her 80’s and is not able to work and Medicare does not cover hearing aids.  It’s sad to see her struggle to understand what’s going on around her. She has so many health problems already and this is one problem that could easily be fixed with some hearing aids. But since insurance and Medicare don’t cover it, she has to struggle.


2 responses to “Kelly’s Hearing Aid Story

  1. If you live in Georgia, you will get free or pay little for a hearing aid.

    For Georgians!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I am sorry to hear about your struggles with hearing aids. Yes, I agree the cost for hearing aids should be picked up by insurance companies. In the meantime, you can claim it on your tax return as work related expense.

    How much residual hearing do you have left? If you have pretty much, an analog hearing aid will best serve you, they will amplify your hearing and costs less than 1K. I’m hard of hearing for a long time and I still favor analog over digital hearing aids.

    Hopefully your grandma can pick up some hearing aids so she can hear one more sound, one more song, one more bird chirp. 🙂

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